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About the Artist

Why do I take photographs?


I enjoy looking at things in ways that they would not normally be viewed. I also enjoy photographing things that get looked over or ignored, there is so much beauty to be seen where you least expect it.


Photographing people is exciting and fun, I like to bring out each person's individual personality in my sessions. Each session is as unique as the person I am photographing.


When I photograph nature, objects or landscapes I approach it the same way as if they were living breathing things... I love to look at things from all angles and use the textures of an item to really showcase the photo. I adore reflection images in water, a mirror or just random pieces of glass.


How often do I take pictures...EVERYDAY and ALL THE TIME, I constantly see something I want to photograph.


I hope my photographs delight, inspire and show you a different spin on how to see things.


Joanne DiStasi Stolen Moments, Inc.

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